Membership of the Nottingham Anglo-French Society is open to all age groups and to anyone with an interest in French language and culture.

Meetings are conducted in French, enabling members and guests to converse in French with native speakers and other Francophiles. However, it is not obligatory, because not everyone feels comfortable speaking French in an artificial situation.

If you use French only during your holidays, or if you are pursuing further educational classes, an A-level, a diploma or a university degree, Nottingham Anglo-French Society offers you the opportunity to listen to good French being spoken by native speakers and to learn about some aspects of French and Francophone culture.

Full-time students are encouraged to take part in the Society’s activities and they are also eligible for reduced rates.

Current Yearly Membership Rates
Individual member£25
Full-time Students, under 25-year-olds£10

Visitors who attend up to two meetings per year, pay a fee of £10 per meeting.
Upon attending a third meeting, a visitor will be upgraded to a member.

Any enquiries, please contact Annick by email or by phone: 07450 414 721

If you would like to join the Society, please complete the contact form below.